ELECTRONICS & OPTELECTRONICS Electronics Circuits and Systems, Analog Circuits, Digital Circuits, Mixed Signal Circuits, Nonlinear Circuits and Systems, Sensing and Sensor Networks, Filters and Data Conversion Circuits, RF and Wireless Circuits, Photonic and Optoelectronic Circuits, Low Power Design and VLSI Physical Design, Biomedical Circuits, Assembly and Packaging, Test and Reliability, Advanced Technologies (i.e. MEMS and Nano-electronic Devices) Signal Processing, Signal Processing Theory, Digital Signal Processing Algorithms, Digital Filter Design & Implementation, Array Processing, Adaptive Signal Processing, Audio, Speech and Language Processing, Image Processing, Video Processing, Medical Signal Processing & Medical Imaging Electrical Power Systems, Power Engineering and Power Systems, Electromagnetic Compatibility, Energy Conversion, High Voltage Engineering and Insulation, Power Delivery, Power Electronics, Illumination Optoelectronics Physics of semiconductors, Optoelectronics, Nanostructures, Semiconductor Devices, Electro-optics, Optical fiber communications, Optical Interference Coatings and Color, Optical Imaging, Quantum Optics, Optical Physics, Photoelectric Effect, Compound Semiconductor Devices and Circuits, Laser Diodes, Electrical Conduction, Electronic Band Structure, Nanodevices & Nanosensors, Nanoelectronics, Nanophotonics and Optics, Nanosensoring in diagnostics and industry, Nanotechnology for Energy and the Environment, Nanofabrication, Nanocomposites and Multifunctional Materials, Sensors, Condensed Matter Theory, Nitride Semiconductors, Carbon: Nano tubes and Graphene, Organic semiconductors, Electron devices and applications, Material Science, Natural Nano structured Materials, Bio Optics, Magnetic Materials TELECOMUNICATIONS Small Antennas Adaptive (smart) arrays, Antennas for 5G communications, Antenna measurements, Antennas on/in IC packages, Body-Centric Antennas, Broadband antennas, Conformal antennas, Magnetic Nanoparticles, Graphene or Carbon-nanotubes in Antennas, Measurements for SAR of handheld devices, MEMS/nano technology for antennas, Millimeter-wave/Terahertz antennas, Modeling and simulations, Non-Foster/active elements, On-chip antennas, Reconfigurable antennas, Reflectarrays, Ultra-wideband (UWB) antennas, Wearable antennas, 3D printed antennas and structures Innovative Structures Analysis and design of EM materials, Artificial magnetic conductors (AMC), Electromagnetic anisotropy, Electromagnetic bandgap (EBG) structures, Frequency selective surfaces (FSS), Fractal Structures, Single and double negative metamaterials, Electromagnetic Skins: Epidermal, Flexible and Stretchable Antennas, Sensing Substrates, Automotive systems, Biomedical and Healthcare applications, Bluetooth/WLAN (PDAs, laptops), Energy harvesting, Hyperthermia and RF Ablation, GPS systems, Medical Diagnostic and Therapeutic Applications, Millimeter-wave/terahertz communications and imaging, MIMO systems Applications RFID antennas and Wireless Sensing systems, Software-defined / cognitive radio, Satellite communications, UWB communications, WBAN systems, Wireless communication systems (handheld devices, base stations), Wireless power transmission and harvesting for implanted systems, 5G communication systems, Simultaneous transmit and receive systems AUTOMATION & INFORMATICS Computers and Information Technology Computer Architecture, Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, Knowledge and Data Engineering, Learning Technologies, Multimedia Services and Technologies, Mobile Computing, Parallel/Distributed Computing and Grid Computing, Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, Software Engineering, Visualization and Computer Graphics Controls Control Theory and Applications, Adaptive and Learning Control System, Fuzzy and Neural Control, Mechatronics, Manufacturing Control Systems and Applications, Process Control Systems, Robotics and Automation, Control Theory and Applications, Visual Control, Machine Learning, Intelligent Systems and Approach, Modelling and simulation ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING Renewable Energy Sources, Smartgrids Technologies & Applications, Smart grid for distributed energy resources, Smart grid in interdependent energy infrastructures, Smart grid for intelligent monitoring and outage management, Smart grid aplications and technologies, Smart grid for plug-in vehicles and low-carbon transportation alternatives, Smart grid for cyber and physical security systems, Energy Management and Environmental issues, Hybrid Power Systems, Distributed and Co-Generation Systems, Wind Energy Systems, Solar Energy Systems, Hydro Power Plants, Hydrogen Systems and Fuel Cell, Power Market and Power System Economics ENGINEERING EDUCATION & STEM Computational Intelligence, Mobile computing, Ubiquitous and pervasive computing, Serious games, Educational Robotics, Smart educational technology, Human Computer Interaction, Public understanding of Science, Innovative 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